2020-2021 Course Catalog and Student Handbook Updated 
    Apr 15, 2021  
2020-2021 Course Catalog and Student Handbook Updated

Faculty/Staff Directory

The date in parentheses after the name indicates the year of appointment to Gwinnett Technical College. 

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 Annette Acheampong (2019), Custodian.

Clifford Achille  (2017), Program Director, Drafting and Design, B.S., B.A., M.S. Florida A&M University. 

Mariana Y. Aguiar-Hodzen Rodriguez (2019), Enrollment Advisor.

Jenna M. Aleman (2015), Enrollment Advisor. B.A., Wayland Baptist University. 

Rebecca Alexander (2007), Vice President, Academic Affairs. B.A., University of North Alabama; M.A., University of Mississippi. 

Gregory Allen (2007), Program Director, Mathematics. B.S., Morehouse College; B.E.E., M.S.E.E., M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology.

Olivia O. Alligood (2014), Administrative Assistant II. B.B.A., Georgia State University.

Kathleen W. Amadasun (2018), Program Director, Certified Nursing Assistant. M.S.N, Sacred Heart University. 

Dawn Anderson (2012), Coordinator, Training & Communications. 

Garfield Anderson (2014), Dean, Computer Sciences. B.S. Southern Illinois University; M.A. Webster University; A+, Network+, IC3, IC3 Authorized Instructor.

John D. Anderson (2015), Assistant Lead Custodian.

Lizalia Anderson ( 2019), Administrative Assistant. 

Sameerah Anderson (2019), Assest Accountant. B.S., Drexel University.

Shane Archibald (2012), Help Desk Coordinator. B.S., DeVry University.

Kenya Arnold (2020), Technology Support Specialist,

Albena Asenova-Belal (2020), Coordinator, Academic Support Lab.

Feryal Ahsweh (2020), Admissions Assistant, Business Technology Diploma, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Lucila Avila Uribe (2017), Custodian.

Erin Baggett (2017), Instructor, Health Sciences. Diploma, Gwinnett Technical College, B.S., Lee University. M.H.S. Saint Francis University., Certified Surgical Technologist (CST), Certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician (CSPDT).

Chantelle M. Bailey (2019), Student Life Assistant. B.B.A., Columbus State University.

Cassandra L. Baker (2015), Instructor, Business Management. B.S., Shorter University; M.B.A., Brenau University; Ph.D., Capella University. 

Nancy Baker (2015), Financial Aid Specialist. B.S., Indiana State University; MS, Suthern New Hampshire Univesity.

Michael W. Ball (2015), Groundskeeper. 

Jennifer H. Barnett (2018), Compliance Coordinator of Financial Aid.

Lavoska  Barton (2020), Executive Director, Economic Development. B.A., M.B.A., Rockhurst University. 

Chaffic A. Bassar (2018), Instructor, General Automotive. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Robert A. Bauman (2014), Program Director, General Automotive. A.A., Kankakee Community College; A.S.E. Certified.

Clara M. Becerra Chavez (2018), Custodian.

Mohamed M. Belal (2016), Instructor, Humanities. B.S. Helwan University in Cairo, M.S. Helwan University.

Bryan C. Bentley (2019), Information Technology Specialist, Audio-Visual. B.A., Art Institute of Atlanta.

Juanita M. Bentley (2018), Licensed Professional, Student Counselor. M.S., Mercer University. 

Steve Benton (2015), Course Coordinator, FYES. B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S., Georgia Southern University.

Heather A. Berck (1995), Registrar Office Assistant.   

Heather Betty (2019), Accounting Technician. 

Brenda A. Beverly (2004), Coordinator, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. B.A., University of North Carolina. 

Sylvia H. Bey (2015), Instructional Design Coordinator. B.A., University of Alabama; M.A., Northern Michigan University; Ed.S, Jacksonville State University. 

Kelly Blake (2013), Coordinator, Campus Events. A.T. Gwinnett Technical College. 

Mike R. Blouin (2015), Campus Police Chief. 

Camella Boles (2020), Student Recruiter. MS., Troy University. 

Mabel Bolivar-Rodriguez (2016), Coordinator, Institutional Research & Assessment. B.A., Mahattanville College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University.

Angela Bonner (2020), Administrative Assistant, Administrative Services.

Christopher S. Boyette (2019), Coordinator, Student Help Desk, 

Matthew J. Boutte (2018), Groundskeeper. 

Dennis Bowers (2011), Program Director, Carpentry/Residential Construction Management. B.A., University of Florida. 

Tammie Boyd (2016), Human Resources, Coordinator-Recruiting, B.A., Valdosta State University.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Harris Brackett (2010), Executive Director, Enrollment Processing, B.A., M.A., University of Arizona.

Joshua A. Braswell (2017), Groundskeeper. 

Cher Brister (2010), Director, Green Technology, Continuing Education. B.A. University of West Georgia. 

Donna Britt (2009), Customer Care Representative. 

Breanna Brooks (2018), Instructor/Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Technology.

Jody Brookshire (2019), Instructor, Electrical Engineering. B.S., North Georgia College, M.S. Auburn University. 

Bianca S. Brown (2018), Student Recruiter. B.A., Western Kentucky University. 

Glenda C. Brown (2016), Administrative Support Assistant, Adult Education.

Julie A. Bruce (2001), Instructor, Adult Education. B.R.E., Crown College. B.R.Ed., Crown University. 

Kristen A. Buoy (2011), Dean, Health Sciences. A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College; B.A., Oglethorpe University; M.Ed. University of Georgia. RCIS, RRT.

LaSonja A. Burgess (2018), Administrative Assistant II. A.S., Colorado Technical University.

Jeff Burton (2012), Maintenance Technician.

Tracy A. Butler (2019), Administrative Support Assistant. A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.  

Kara L. Caldwell (2018), Instructor-Clinical Coordinator, Diagnostic Medical Sonography. A.B.J., University of Georgia. 

D. Glen Cannon (2014), President, President’s Office. B.B.A. West Georgia University, M.B.A. Mercer, Ed.D. University of Georgia.

Jozina M. Cappello (2018), Librarian, M.A., University at Buffalo.

Andres Cardona (2020), Library Associate, M.A., Missouri State University.

Crisitian Cardona Castaneda (2019), Instructor, Mathematics. M.S., Georgia State University. 

Jediah Carling (2019), Facilities Manager, B.B.A., Brenau University.

Timothy M. Casey (2016), Instructor, Biology. B.S. Kean University, DC Life University.

Raymond Cattie (2015), Instructor, English. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. 

Shikura Cazeau (2010), Recruiter, Tele-Counselor. A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Dorothea Chambers (2020), Custodian.  

Ryan G. Cheek (2007), Division Chair, Health Sciences. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College; B.A.S., St. Petersburg College; VTS (ECC); M.S., Georgia State University. 

Dong R. Choi (2012), Custodian.

Lorenzo C. Clarke (2000), Program Director, CISCO. B.S., M.B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton. A+, Network+, CCNA/CCNP/CCAI certified.

Charlene Clark (2019), Instructor Office Technology, BBA., Delta State University; MED, The University of Georgia.

Gemma Clopton (2019), Early Education Center Specialist. B.A., Georgia State University.

Gregory Companion (2017), Program Director, Instructor, Emergency Medical Services, B.A. Stony Brook University, M.P.A., Marist College.

Vanessa A. Cook (2018), Administrative Assistant II, B.S., Kennesaw State University.

Patricia J. Cooley (2015), Course Coordinator, Mathematics. A.A., Truett-McConnell College; B.S., Georgia Southern University; M.A.M.S., University of Georgia.

Marie Cooper (2017), Program Director, Allied Health, DPT, A.T. Still University.

LaShanta’ Cox (2010), Vice President, Human Resources. B.A., Southern University of Edwardsville; M.S., Walden University. 

Katherine D. Crean (2004), Program Director, Culinary Arts. Diploma, L’Ecole Du Vin; A.S., B.S., Johnson & Wales University, C.C.E., C.S.C. 

William W. Crissman (2014), Institutional Data Manager, Institutional Research and Assessment. B.A., M.S., Georgia Regents University. 

Sarah Crumbley (2011), Administrative Assistant III, Vice President.

Debarati Datta (2016), Instructor, Economics. M.A., University of Delaware; M.P.A., North Carolina University.

Yolanda M. Davis (2013), Instructor, Adult Education. M.A., University of Phoenix.

Lisa Dawson (2021), Campus Police Officer.

Devansh Desai (2021), Network Administrator. 

Urjitaben Desai (2020), Program Director, Web Design and Game Development, M.S., Southern Polytechnic State University.

Monique Desnoyers (2020), Instructor, Nursing Sciences, M.S., Walden University. 

Kelly J. Deyoung (2017), Student Affairs Assistant.

Timothy Dineen (2001), Program Director, History and Political Science. B.A., M.A., University of North Carolina - Greensboro.

Stefany Dixon (2021), Program Director, Veterinary Technology. A.A.T, Gwinnett Technical College. Veterinary Technician Certification.

Candace Do (2009), Administrative Operations Specialist, Vice President.

Tracey Duck (2012), Instructor, Psychology. B.A., Roberts Wesleyan College; M.S. Florida State University.

Keren C. Duclosel (2016), Enrollment Advisor.B.A. Dillard University; M.S., University of North Georgia.

Tycha T. Duncan (2004), Registrar, Office Assistant, Diploma, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Trudy F. Dunson (2001), Program Director, Business Management. B.S., Franklin University; M.B.A., Clark Atlanta University. 

Ivy Durham (2013), Custodian EEC. 

Yvonne Durrant (2014), Dean, Nursing Sciences. B.S. Herbert Lehman College, M.S. University of Phoenix, PhD, William Carey University. 

Carolyn J. Duven (2018), Coordinator, Retention Services.

Hadiza Edekin-Odion (2019), Instructor, Nursing Sciences. M.S.N. Grand Canyon University.

Gary Lee Elliott (2019), Instructor, Emergency Medical Services, B.S., Johnson University.

DeJeanette English (2016), Student Affairs Assistant, Diploma, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Cathy J. Ensing (2007), Manager, Adult Education. B.S.Ed., University of Georgia. 

Narry Erickson (2016), Administrative Assistant II.

Melvin Everson (2017), Vice President, Economic Development, CE Business & Industry. B.S., Albany State College.

Andrea M. Fairclough (2017), Administrative Support Assistant, B.A., Saint Leo University.

William K. Farmer (2014), Custodian.

Jeanette L. Faucett (2012), Asset Management Coordinator, Business Office. B.S., DeVry University.

Temitayo O. Fayemi (2020), Manager Social & Digital Media, M.S., University of Central Florida.

Vivolyn Ferguson (2007), Transition Specialist, Adult Education. A.A., Bronx Community College; B.A., Shorter University. 

Jennifer Fisher-Bowe (2015), Administrative Assistant II, A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Melissa L. Flanagan (2006), Executive Assistant, President. 

Michael Flint (2017), Coordinator, Information Technology.

Nia Flores (2020), Student Affairs Assistant.  A.S., Middlesex County College.

Andreia S. Ford (2014), Instructor, Health Information Management Technology. B.S., M.B.A., Florida A & M University. 

Michelle Forthofer (2017), Program Director, Clinical Research Professional. A.S., A.A., B.S., University of Florida.

Katherine M. Francois (2016), Instructor, Chemistry. M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology.

Kimberly Gadson (2018) Assistant Director, Financial Aid, B.S., Valdosta State University.

Piyush K. Gajjar (2012), Information System Administrator. 

Kristen Gallucci (2014), Instructor, English. A.A. Community College of Rhode Island, B.A. Rhode Island College, M.A. National University, J.D. South New England School of Law. 

Stephanie G. Garcia (2006), Director, International Education. B.S., Georgia College. 

Randal B. Garner (2016), Groundskeeper.

Clarissa Gates (2019), Customer Service Assistant ANF, AAS, Daymar College. 

Deborah George (2017), Director, Library Services. M.S. Florida State University.

Tessy A. George (2014), Instructor, Nursing. B.A., Fairleigh Dickson, B.S.N., Fairleigh Dickson, M.S.N., Grand Canyon University.

Brandon Geter (2019), Instructor, English. M.A., Old Dominion Univeristy.

Ginger C. Gilbert (2012), GA Pre-K Teacher.

Angela Giles (2019), Instructor ABS/ASE Adult Education.  BSW, Virginia Union University, M.S., Walden University. 

Kristin Gocinski (2019), Instructor, English. M.A., University of South Florida.

Susan Goines (2010), Coordinator, Career Placement. B.S., University of West Alabama. M. S., Mercer University. 

Michelle E. Goodnight (2018), Instructor, Veterinary Technology, DVM, Virginia Tech. 

Christopher T. Gray (2012), Financial Aid Specialist TCSG.

Ebony Green (2017), Coordinator-Recruiting, Human Resources.

Terrence Griffin (2020), Program Director Information Security Specialist. MBA, Mercer University

James Haight (2016), Instructor, Political Science. B.A., The Citadel; M.Ed., Georgia State University. 

Umber Hanief (2006), Program Director, English. B.A., M.A., University of Alabama, Huntsville. 

Lea Anna Harding (2001), Program Director, Dental Assisting. Diploma, Gwinnett Technical College; B.S. Ed., University of Georgia; Certified Dental Assistant. 

Wendy G. Harper (2014), GA Pre-K Teacher, B.S., Kennesaw State University.

Ellicia M. Harris (2017), Mailroom Assistant.

Carissa Harrison (2019), Administrative Assistant, AA, Guilford Technical College. 

Eljesa Haxhiu (2018), Instructor, Culinary Arts, A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Fatima Z. Hayari (2017), Accounting Specialist, A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Yashami Haynes (2015), Human Resources Representative - Onboarding, A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Daniel Henderson (2018), Program Director, Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel, B.A., Wells College, MGHM, Georgia State University.

Latunya A. Henderson (2013), Program Director, Health Information Management Technology B.S., Clark Atlanta University; M.B.A., University of Phoenix.

Colleen M. Hendricks (2016), Payroll/Budget Specialist.

Christina L. Hendrix (2018), Coordinator Communication,Certificate, Lanier Technical College. 

Nichelle C. Henry (2016), Administrative Support Assistant, B.I.T., American Intercontinental University. 

Fithe S. Heramo (2019), Administrative Support Assistant, Adult Education, B.A., Eastern Mennonite University. 

Jesus A. Hernandez-Raish (2018), Technology Support Specialist, A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College. 

Stephen Hevert (2018), Program Director Automated Manufacturing and Engineering, M.S., California State University. 

Perry M. Hidalgo (1999), Program Director, Marketing Management. Diploma, Automotive Training Center, Pennsylvania; A.A., Montgomery County Community College; B.B.A., M.B.A., M.Ed., Temple University. PTR certified. (-P, W).

William Higgs III (2020), Technology SupportSpecialist, 

Deborah Hightower (2004), VA Financial Aid Specialist.

Laura M. Hill (2012), Lab Technician.

Amelia G. Hinson (2016), Enrollment Advisor.A.A.S., George C. Wallace Community College.

Tracy E. Hogan (2015), Assessment Administrator, M.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Michael Hollimon (2018), Director of Facilities.

Lana C. Hollingsworth (2008), Manager, Enrollment Advising. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College; B.S., Jacksonville State University. 

Margaret L. Holloway (2018), Instructor, English, PhD., University of Alabama. 

Sandra S. Hood (2010), Accountant.

Karen Howell (2010), Director, Dual Enrollment. B.A., East Tennessee State University; M.B.A., Keller School of Management.

Tiara Hunt (2019), Director, Economic Development. MBA, Walden University. 

Gregory Hunter (2017), Custodian.

James B. Hutto (2018), Director Student Affairs, A-NF, PhD., University of Georgia.

Tyler Huynh (2015), Instructor, Biology. B.S., Georgia State University; M.S., Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Martinique Ilona (2019), Human Resources Representative - Onboarding, B.A., Georgia State University.

Ifiok Immanuel (2019), Program Director Commercial Construction Management, M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Michele Jackson Watson (2020), Instructor, Nursing Science. M.S.N., The University of Texas at Arlington. 

Sylvia M. Jackson (2004), Manager, Call Center. B.S., M.A. Shorter College. 

Saadia Jackson-Collins (2021), Program Support Specialist, Nursing Science Division. B.S., Shorter University.

Chuntiel C. James (2016), Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing. B.S., Tennessee State University. 

Jeffrey T. Janes (2019), Instructor, General Automotive, A.A.S., Chattahoochee Technical College.  

Eric Jaromin (2019), Instructor, General Automotive, BGS Ball State University; ASE Certification.

Ayesha F. Jenkins (2018), Instructor, Adult Education, M.B.A., University of Phoenix.

Yong K. Jeon (2018), Custodian.

Ira (Steve) Jessup (2014), Program Director, Welding Technology. B.B.A. Georgia State University. 

Angela Jirasek (2019), Instructor, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management ANF, M.A., California University of Pennsylvania.  

Twaney T. Johnnies (2019), Veteran Engagement Advisor, B.S., Upper Iowa University. 

Darcie Johnson (2011), Director, Career Experience. A.S.S., Gwinnett Technical College; M.B.A., Keller DeVry University. 

Janice Johnson (2020), Lead Customer Service Associate., A.A.T., College of The Desert.  

Kathy Johnson (2020), Instructor, Cardiovascular Technology, Echocardiography. B.S., Georgia State University.

Rhonda W. Johnson (2014), Program Director, Business Technology. A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College; B.S., Covenant College; M.A.T., University of Georgia; M.B.A., Belhaven University. 

Jeffrey Johnston (2016), Instructor, Networking. M.S. University of South Alabama.

Angela Jones (2020), Custodian.

Carmen G. Jones (2018), Cashier, A.A.S., Sullivan County Community College. 

Michael B. Jones (2016), Instructor, Marketing Management, M.B.A., University of Saint Thomas. 

Charles Jordan (2001), Customer Care Representative. 

Joyelle Joseph (2020), Transfer Credit Evaluator, AAS, Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

Velina A. Jules (2008), Instructor, Adult Education. B.A., Queens College, M.S. Ed. Hunter College of the City of New York.

Batika V. Kalaria (2017), Administrative Support Assistant II, A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College. 

Raquel S. Kangalee (2015), Evening Campus Coordinator.

Jennifer M. Kelly (2013), Coordinator. Dual Enrollment B.M., Columbus State University.

Michael Kennedy (2019), Instructor, Automated Manufacturing & Engineering. B.S, The University of Alabama.

Sherry L. Kent (1996), Financial Aid Specialist TCSG.

Andrea D. Kergan (2004), Student Affairs Assistant.

Asad  Khan (2019), Program Support Specialist, Computer Science.  AA., Gwinnett Technical College.

Nadya S. Khoja (2015), Program Director, Respiratory Care. A.S., Gwinnett Technical College, B.S., Georgia State University. 

Jeanette R. Kiene (2018), WIOA Advisor, A.A., Florida Atlantic University.  

John Kleinsteuber (2017), Instructor, Respiratory Care. A.S., Gwinnett Technical College, B.S. Georgia State University.

Anna Kleyner (2016), Administrative Support Assistant. 

Dae G. Koh (2016), Custodian.

Christina Kotoske (2017), Enrollment Advisor, M.A., University of South Carolina.

Nicole Krauss (2019), Coordinator, STEM Center, Doctorate, Washington State University.

Dawit Lakew (2017), Program Director, Computer Programming, B.S., M.S., City University of New York.

Susan P. Lamb (2016), Early Education Center Specialist, D. Scott Hudgens Early Education Center.

Jamal Lands (2020), Custodian.

Carolyn Lane (2018), Accounting Technician, A.A.S., Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

Jessica LaPointe (2008), Instructor, Biology. B.A., Hollins University; M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University.  

Arlene Lau (2015), GA Pre-K Teacher. D. Scott Hudgens Early Education Center. M.A.T., Brenau University. 

Elia Lawrence (2019), Administrative Support Assistant, Adult Education.  BBA, Kennesaw State University.  

Nikki A. Lawson (2016), Retention Specialist. M.E. Bethel College.

Thoai Le (2020), Maintenance Technician. B.S., Kennesaw State University. 

Julia M. Lee (2019), Transfer Credit Evaluator, B.S., University of North Georgia. M.A. Arizona State University. 

Wendy Lee (2012), Administrative Assistant II.

Gertrude Lehman (2010), Call Center Representative.

Erica Lele (2005), Instructor, Adult Education. B.A., Loyola University Chicago.

John A Leon Guerrero, Jr. (2016), Instructor, Welding. Diploma and Certificates Gwinnett Technical College.

Rebecca Leon (2020), Program Specialist, Dual Enrollment.

Joi Lester (2019), Enrollment Advisor, Enrollment Support. B.S., Florida State University, EDS, University of Georgia

Song Yang Li (2006), Director, Distance Education. B.A., University of Michigan; M.A. University of Wisconsin. 

Andrew T. Lindman (2013), Program Director, MOPAR/CAP. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College; ASE Master Technician. 

Margaret G. Long (2015), Division Chair, Life Sciences. B.S., M.S., Georgia State University.

Maira E. Lopez (2018), Custodian.

Seth R. Loree (2016), Student Recruiter. M.S., University of North Georgia. 

Paul R. Lovell (2016), Program Director, Air Conditioning Technology. A.A.S., North Georgia Technical College.

Quantrelle L. Lusane-Green (2004), Admissions Coordinator.

Daryl L. Lussi (2018), Instructor, Degree Level Mathematics. M.Ed., Georgia Southwestern College.

Connie L. Lyle (2018), Child Enrichment Center Worker. 

Shaun Lyons (2019), Facilities Lead.

Segunda S. Macawile (2016), Web Developer, College Communications. A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Linda M. Maggiore (2001), Manager, Enrollment Advising. B.S., Stetson University, M.S., Florida International University. 

Catherine Mahathey (2017), Instructor, Criminal Justice. M.S. Mercer University.

Dennis Maltais (2008), Instructor, Psychology. B.A., Southern Illinois University; M.A., Western Michigan University.

Cicily P. Mapp (2015), Director of Academic Affairs - Alpharetta North Fulton campus. B.S., M.P.S., Georgia College & State University, Ph.D., Education, Nova Southeastern University.

Carmen Mari (2001), Enrollment Advisor Manager. B.A., University of Central Florida. 

Rachel C. Mariano (2002), Director, Student Life. B.A., Hope College. 

Kathleen S.Marks (2017) Student Affairs Assistant.

Galen A. Martin (2008), Vice President, Technology and Operations.  A.S., Perimeter College; B.A., Piedmont College; M.B.A. Shorter College.

Giovanny Martinez (2019), Information Technology Specialist, Audio-Visual. Certifications, A +, Network +. 

Melissa Massey (2017), Licensed Professional Student Counselor, Psychology & Sociology. B.S., Jacksonville State University, Professional Counseling M.S., Georgia State University.

Andrena B. Mathis (2017), Financial Aid Specialist. 

Heroildo Matos-Rogers (2017), Banner Database Administrator.

Shawn Matthews (2018), Lead Instructor, Psychology. M.A., East Carolina University; M.Th.; Bangor Theological Seminary; B.A., University of Mane. 

Martella Matthews (2016), Enrollment Advising Manager.  M.P.A., Nova Southern University.  

Calvin M. Mauldin (2018), Instructor, Allied Health Science. M.P.H, University of Alabama at Birmingham.   

Lucy Mayers (2017), Instructor, Nursing Sciences. B.S., M.S., Kean University.

Brent Mayhew (2006), Regional Training Coordinator. B.A., Georgia State University 

Marissa A. McAleer (2008), Customer Sales Administrator.

Wanda McCalla (2007), Child Enrichment, Center Worker. Diploma, Lanier Technical College. AAS, Georgia Piedmont Technical College. 

Charles L. McCants, Jr.  (2017), Executive Director, Information Technology. A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College, B.S., Columbia Southern University.

Janice H. McClendon (2002), Accounting Specialist.

Karla R. McClure (1998), Accounting Technician.

Shanika McCoy (2019), Cashier.

Sonya R. McDaniel (2016), Vice President, Administrative Services. B.S.B.A., M.P.A., University of Southern Mississippi.

Amara A. McGee (2018), Instructor, Nursing Sciences. B.S., Georgia Southern University. 

Vondra McKinley (2019), Customer Service Assistant, Alpharetta North Fulton. 

Charles W. McKinnon (2017), Vice President, Communication, College Communications. B.S., Carlow University.

Marjorie McLean-McCullough (2015), Program Director, Medical Assisting. A.A.S., Georgia Perimeter College. 

Hershel Meaders (2011), Coordinator, Environmental Health & Safety. EMT Diploma, Lanier Technical College. 

Alisa Miller (2007), Coordinator, Science Labs. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College. 

Ave A. Miller (2001), Director, Career Services. B.S., M.B.A., Brenau University. 

Terra M. Mims (2017), Lead Customer Service Associate. Certifcations, HR Management Specialist, Leadership Specialist. 

Christina Mitchell (2019), Instructor - Early Childhood Education. 

Douglas M. Mitchell Jr. (2015), Custodian.

Luevonia Mitchell (2021), Technology Support Specialist, Student Help Desk.  

Anubha Mittal (2018), Program Director, Web Design & Game Development. B.A., Meerut University; MCA, Indira Gandhi National Open UNiversity. 

Gwendolyn R. Moran (2007), Administrative Operations Specialist. 

Carla l. Morelon (2015), Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness. B.A., Grambling State University; M.Ed., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Indiana University.

Kimberly L. Morton (2008), Administrative Assistant II. 

Susan E. Myers (1999), Graduation Advisor, Admissions. B.S., Mercer University; MDIV, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ashley Myles (2021), Director, Student Accounts. M.S., University of Missouri - Columbia. 

Peter W. Nakhla (2016), Instructor, Biology. M.D. Windsor University School of Medicine.

Corey M. Nelson (2019), Web Developer. Cerfications, ISE1; AAS, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Thaddeus B. Nifong (2016), Program Director, Speech. A.A., Hillsborough Community College; B.S., Florida State University; M.A., Valdosta State University. 

Anthony Notarides (2019), Coordinator for Adult Education. B.A., MA, California State University. 

Oenia J. Odums (2018), Program Director, Networking Specialist. B.Sc IT, American InterContinental University.  

Adenike M. Oloyede (2015), Registrar’s Office Coordinator. A.S.S., Lake Michigan College; B.B.A., Siena Heights University;  MBA. The University of Texas Permian Basin. 

Rebecca L. Olson (2006), Director, D. Scott Hudgens Early Education Center. B.S., M.S., University of Illinois.

Michael A. O’Neal III (2008), Training Coordinator.  B.S., Savannah State University. 

Deanna B. Orza (2018), Enrollment Advisor. 

Ashley M. Osunlalu (2013), Manager, Academic Systems & Procedures. AAS, Lanier Technical College. 

Ozan Ozcan (2006), Instructor, Biology. B.S., Kennesaw State University, M.S. Georgia State University, M.S., Medical College of Georgia.

Linda J. Pace (1998), Financial Aid Specialist TCSG.

Myoung Ito Pak ( 2007), Fiscal Analyst.

Theresa M. Parker (2001), Program Director, Surgical Technology., Diploma, Gwinnett Technical College; A.A.S., Georgia Perimeter College; B.S., Kennedy-Western University; Certified Surgical Technologist (CST), Fellow of the Association of Surgical Technologists (FAST).  

Teveria Parks (2011), Testing Specialist. B.A., Agnes Scott College. 

Tiffany M. Parks (2007), Instructor, English, B.A., Emory University, M.Ed., Georgia State University. 

Amber Patterson (2017), Director, Accounting, B.A., M.A., M.ACC, Georgia College.

Theresa M. Patterson ( 2017), Child Enrichment, Center Worker. AAS, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Shyreeta Peacox (2012), Instructor, FYES. B.A., Marquette University; M.M., North Park University. 

Xiao Yu (Jen) Peters (2008), Coordinator, Asset Management. AAS, Gwinnett Technical College.  Certifications, Office Accounting Specialist, Computerized Accounting Specialist.

Andra G. Peterson (2015), Director, Financial Aid. B.S., Clayton State University. 

Janelle M. Pierce (2011), Executive Director, Enrollment Support. B.A., Georgia State University; M.Ed., University of Georgia. 

Vivia Pitter (2012), Program Coordinator of Instruction and Curriculum, Adult Education. B.A., University of the West Indies; M.A.E., Seton Hall University. 

Phyllis (Joan) Plummer ( 2004), Administrative Assistant II. 

Tavner Poage ( 2020), Student Affairs Assistant. B.A., University of North Georgia. 

Russ J. Pomrenke (2004), Program Director, Criminal Justice. B.S.P.A., University of Louisville; M.A., University of Baltimore. 

Carole Poole (2019), Instructor, Medical Assisting. A.S., Gwinnett College. Certification, National Certified Medical Assistant.

Julie L. Post (2005), Vice President, Student Affairs. B.S., Northern Kentucky University; M.A., Marygrove College; Ed.D., University of Georgia. 

Marc W. Poulard (2019), Custodian.

Aaron S. Poulsen (2004), Program Director, Horticulture. A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College; B.S., Georgia Gwinnett College, GCLP, GCPP, CIC, GA Licensed Pesticide Applicator. 

David Pragel (2018), Instructor, Enginerring. M.A., B.S., The George Washington University. 

Precious Prendergast (2018), Manager, Human Resources, Administrative Management.,B.S, Clayton State University

Michaelle Pretlow (2018), Custodian.

Laura L. Price (2008), Career Transitions Facilitator, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. B.A., University of Georgia. 

Sandra B. Pryor (2017), Campus Police Officer. Certifications, Peace Officer Standards and Training, FEMA, Specialized Instructor. 

Brenda J. Pyle (2018), Enrollment Advisor. A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College.  BSED, the University of Georgia. 

Daniel Quigley (2021), Coordinator, Digital Media. B.A., Columbus State University. 

James M. Rafferty (2010), Clinical Coordinator/Instructor, Surgical Technology. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College; A.B.S., Hesser College, Certified Surgical Technologist (CST).

Mahmoodur Rahman (2014), Testing Specialist. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College; B.S., M.A., University of Dhaka. 

Lakshmi Ramachandran (2017), Library Associate.

Joel Ramey (2020), Custodian.

Matthew Ramos (2020), Custodian. 

Mary Ratterman (2010), GA Pre-K Assistant Teacher.

Kesha Redmond (2020), Technology Support Specialist. 

Devlyn Richards (2005), Administrative Assistant II. B.S., Brenau University.  

Lisa P. Richardson (2003), Coordinator, Special Populations. B.A., University of South Carolina; M.A., Webster University. 

Amy M. Richburg (2015), Coordinator, Dual Enrollment. B.S.H.P., University of Georgia. 

Nicolas Rios (2020), Instructor, Chemistry. M.S., Georgia State University.

William Rios Velez (2017), Asset Management Specialist. Certifications, Data Center Specialist, CISCO Specialist, PC Repair & Network. Gwinnett Technical College.  

Jennifer Roberts (2016), Program Director, Early Childhood Education & Care. B.S. University of Georgia, M.S. Georgia State University.

Patricia Robinson (2020), Student Recruiter. B.S. Morgan State University.

Erik D. Rodriguez (2010), Program Director, Sociology. A.A.T., Gwinnett Technical College; B.S. Clayton State University; M.A., University of Georgia. 

Leticia Rodriguez (2017), Customer Service Associate. AAS, Certifications, Event Coordinator, Hotel Management, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Jennifer Rodriguez (2008), Administrative Assistant, Technology and Operations. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College. 

Anika Rolling (2008), Enrollment Advisor. A.S., Bishop State Community College; B.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

Stephanie L. Rooks (2012), Dean, Adult Education. B.A., Oglethorpe University; M.S., Brenau University. 

Gina A. Rosbury (2010), Distance Education Specialist. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College. 

Jennifer Rosentfelt (2019), Instructor, Early Childhood Education. 

Elham Rouhani (2008), Program Director, Economics. B.S., M.S., West Virginia University. 

Saeideh Sadri (2011), Instructor, Biology. M.S., D.C., Life University. 

Mohd A. Salameh (2012), Program Director, Bioscience . B.S., Yarmouk University; M.S., Middle East Technical University; Ph.D., University of Georgia. 

Isaiah Samuelson (2003), Instructor, Adult Education. B.S., San Francisco State University, M.B.A., California State University.

Leshawn Sanchez (2014), Lead Instructor, Adult Education. A.B., University of Georgia. 

Casandra Schnautz (2012), Coordinator, Community Training. 

Jean Schwartz (2014), Retention Specialist. B.S. North Dakota State University, M.A. University of South Florida. 

Erika Scott (2013), Food Service Technician.

Shannon Scott (2021), Supervisor, Operations. 

Brenda Seals (2011), Director, Budget Compliance and Reporting. A.A., Augusta State University; B.A., Piedmont College. 

Terry L. See (2015), Dean, Business Sciences and Art and Design, Program Director, Business Management. M.B.A, Clark Atlanta University. 

Rosa Serran-Cran (2019), Administrative Assistant II. Certification, Secretarial Services Program, Katharine Gibbs School.  

Steven (Brian) Shelton (2014), Maintenance Technician. 

Hans Sherrod (2020), Licensed Professional Student Counselor. MSW, Southern Connecticut State University.

Cherie B. Shipman (2014), Course Coordinator, Reading. B.A., M.Ed., Howard University. 

Erica Sillmon (2020), Instructor, Degree Level Mathematics. M.A., University of Northern Iowa.

Travis Simpson (2014), Coordinator, Veteran Affairs. A.A.S. Gwinnett Technical College, B.A.S. University of North Georgia, M.Ed., Walden University. 

Danielle Sims (2013), Shipping & Receiving Technician. 

Amita Singh (2021), GA Pre-K  Assistant Teacher. A.A.S. Gwinnett Technical College. 

Christopher Sirmans (2018), Dean of Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Design, B.A., Georgia College, MEPD, University of Georgia.

Kenneth O. Skinner (2016), Assistant Campus Police Chief.

Francine Smiley-Peguero (2019), Call Center Representative

Kimberly P. Smith (2016), Program Specialist, Health Sciences. A.A.S. Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

Kimberly R. Smith (2007), Administrative Service Assistant. AAS, Georgia Piedmont Technical College. 

Melissa Smith (2017), Director, Communications. B.A. Georgia State University.

Serene Smith (2019), Administrative Assistant II. 

Stephanie G. Smith (2009), Administrative Operations Specialist.

Tina M. Smith (2008), Student Affairs Specialist, Transfer Credit Evaluator. A.A.S., Gwinnett Technical College. 

Patrina Smith-Cole (2016), Enrollment Advisor. B.S., Roberts Wesleyan College.

Earnest Solomon (2020), Custodian. 

Pamela Spann (2015), Administrative Assistant II, Automotive. Diploma, Commonwealth College.

Ashley Spears (2017), Administrative Assistant II, Institutional Advancement.

Amanda Spossey (2018), Instructor, Clinical Cord-Radiologic Technician. A.A., Valencia College

Johnny Stallings (2014), Instructor, Diesel Automotive Technology. A.A.T. Athens Technical College, B.S. Auburn University. 

Jela Stevens (2021), Technology Support Specialist. A.A.S., West Georgia Technical College.

Keith Stovall (2004), Information System Administrator. B.S., Devry.  Certifications, Network+. 

Kimberly Strong (2012), Program Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography. A.S., Hillsborough Community College; B.A., Georgia Southwestern College.

Dana Summerville (2015), Child Enrichment Center Worker.

Martha Szafranek (2001), Testing Specialist. 

Horia C. Tanase (2015), Instructor, Air Conditioning Technology. B.S., Institute of Civil Engineering in Bucharest.

Arebe Taylor (2014), Instructor, Logistics. A.A.. Hillsborough Community College; B.S. Fourah Bay College; M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology; PMP® Project Management Institute. 

Nathalye Taylor  (2019), Enrollment Advisor, Enrollment Support.  B.S., A.B., University of Georgia. 

Morgan Taylor-Burns (2017), Student Life Specialist. M.B.A., University of Mississippi.

Erica L.Teague (2013),Program Director, Accounting. B.A., Mount Mary College; M.B.A,, Cardinal Stritch University; M.A.F.M., Keller DeVry University. D.P.A., Valdosta State University.

Orlando Reuta (2017), Maintenance Technician.

Brad N. Thomas (2012), Registrar, Registrar’s Office. A.A., Mitchell Community College; B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University. 

Renae Thompson (2013), Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction. Adult Education. M.S., University of Arizona.

Shaye Tolbert (2019), Instructor, Culinary Arts.  B.A., The University fo Georgia; B.S., Johnson & Wales University; MBA, Argosy University.

Thamara Torres (2009), GA Pre-K Teacher.

Cherita Toussaint (2019), Disability Services Specialist. BLS, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  

Thienthao Tran (2018), Instructor/ Lab Manager, Nursing. M.S., Aspen University.  B.S., Georgia State University.  

Debra R. Trumbo (2010), Instructor, Accounting. B.S., M.A., University of South Carolina. 

Jennifer Turner (2013), Program Director, Radiologic Technology. A.A.S. Gwinnett Technical College.

Vikki Underwood (2015), Human Resources Technician.

LaShawndra N. Vannice (2016), Director, Admissions. B.A. Emory University.

David Vasquez (2016), Financial Aid Specialist. B.A., The University of North Carolina. 

Padmaja Vedula (2007), Lead Instructor, English. B.A., M.A., Andhra University, India; M.A., National University of Singapore, Singapore. 

Josue Vejar (2019), Program Support Specialist, Health Sciences.

Zoraida Villanueva Inga (2018), Custodian.

Deborah E. Von Deutsch (2015), Coordinator, Compliance & Assessment. B.A., New York Institute of Technology. 

Penny Waddell (2008), Dean, Education. B.A., Wesleyan College; M.Ed., Troy University; Ed.D. Argosy University. 

Amber Walden (2014), Program Director, Humanities. B.A. University of Georgia, M.A. Ohio University. 

Catrina Wallace (2010), Program Specialist, Dual Enrollment. AAS, Gwinnett Technical College.

Kathryn Webb (2019), Purchasing Specialist. Diploma, Georgia Piedmont Technical College. 

Charlette Webber (2012), Coordinator, Sign Language Interpreter. B.S. University of South Florida, M.B.A., Mercer University. 

Jeffrey White (2013), Instructor, Physics. B.S., University of Georgia; M.S.Ed, Georgia State University; Ed.S, University of Georgia. 

Mar-Leighsa White (2019), Call Center Representative. 

Patricia K. Whitley (2014), Instructor, FYES. B.S., Appalachian State University; M.A., University of Georgia. 

Mark A. Whittaker (2015), Program Director, Mercedes Benz. 

Jane H. Whitworth (2008), Enrollment Advisor. B.S., David Lipscomb University. 

Matthew Wilcox (2020), Instructor Envrionmental Horticulture/Farm Manager. A.S., Gwinnett Technical College.

Angela M. Williams (2016), Program Support Specialist. B.A., University of Pheoniz.  

Florence C. Williams (2018), Program Director, Cosmetology. Diploma, Certications, Admin Support, Medical Billing, Gwinnett Technical College. 

Yvette Williams (2017), Assistant Director Library Services, B.A. Lehman College., M.S. Pratt Institute.

Steven Willis (2005), Coordinator, Evening Campus. B.S., University of Tennessee. 

Juan F. Wilson (2016), Coordinator, Support Services. B.A. California State University.

Matthew Wilson (2020), Custodian.

Terra Womack (2008), Program Director, Cosmetology. Master Cosmetologist; B.L.A., Auburn University at Montgomery. 

Geun Won (2017), Maintenance Technician.

Marisa Wong-Sam (2020), Coordinator, STEM Center. 

Rhonda Wood (2013), Enrollment Advisor. B.S., Georgia Southern University. 

Albert J. Woods Jr. (2017), Technology Support Specialist. B.S., Georgia Southern University. 

Hilda L. Woods (2007), Administrative Assistant II.

Christina Wu (2021), Administrative Assistant II, Nursing and Life Sciences. B.A., Georgia State University. 

Jan Wynn (2020), Program Director, Interiors. B.S., Flordia State University.

Ruth Yates (2004), Custodian.

Lovina M. Young (2018), Instructor, Culinary Arts. AAS, The Art Institute of Las Vegas. 

Johnny Zamor (2012), Instructor, Mathematics. B.A., Kean University; M.A.T., University of Idaho. 

Martha Zarate (2012), Assistant Lead Custodian. 

Ligia Z. Zelaya Martinez (2012), Lead Teacher, GA Pre-K.

Isis Zometa (2019), Program Director, Cardiovascular Technology. B.S., Florida State College at Jacksonville. 

Dragana C. Zulfic (2011), Coordinator, Foundations Finance.