2019-2020 Course Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Apr 15, 2021  
2019-2020 Course Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

RNSG 1530 - Bridge To Professional Nursing Practicum II

Prerequisite: BIOL 2113 , BIOL 2113L BIOL 2114 , BIOL 2114L , BIOL 2117L , BIOL 2117 , ENGL 1101 , MATH 1111 , and PSYC 1101  
The intent of this course is to transition the LPN and paramedic student into the second year Associate Nursing Program academic life. The course focuses on the challenges of the LPN or paramedic transitioning to the role of a Registered Professional Nurse. The concepts of role transition and role conflict will be emphasized. Classroom content will explore current LPN/Paramedic to RN role transition, managing change, nursing skills, the profession of nursing, practicing within regulatory frameworks, and critical thinking. Students will practice and develop beginning competency for basic nursing skills in the nursing laboratory. Contact hours: Class - 1, Lab - 2. Credit hours: 2 (T)