2021-2022 Course Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Oct 04, 2023  
2021-2022 Course Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

RNSG 1500 - Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice

Prerequisite: Program admission
This course is designed to facilitate successful entry of practical nurse graduates into the second year of the associate degree nursing program. The Access to Professional Nursing course is designed to expand on the breadth and depth of common content from practical nurse education programs and to introduce new theories, processes and skills specific to registered nurse practice. Primary content areas include the transition in role expectations between LPN and RN, nursing process, health assessment, utilization of critical thinking skills, the communication process, and caring interventions. Students are expected to review and demonstrate mastery of select nursing knowledge, concepts, and skills. (6-12-6).  Students enrolled in this course will be assessed a $301.25 cost recovery course supply fee in addition to tuition and fees.  Fees are subject to change at the end of any semester. Contact hours: Class - 3, Lab - 6. Credit hours: 5 (Su)